A selection of other Web sites, connected with John Betjeman, literature or poetry. Please let me know if there are others which you think should be included.

Other Betjeman-related sites

The John Betjeman Young People's Poetry Competition

The John Betjeman Collection - the University of Exeter's collection of JB's working library and archives.

John Piper - An excellent site devoted to John Piper, who did so much work with JB

JB's family tree - An excellent guide to JB's genealogy.

JB's grave - A page with a photo & details of JB's burial place (along with those of many other poets).

Rules Restaurant - JB was a regular visitor to Rules Restaurant in London, and helped to fight against its proposed demolition. To mark this, one of the dining rooms has been named The John Betjeman Room.

"More Tea, Vicar?" is an intimate revue, exploring the eccentric world of Middle England, through the observations of John Betjeman. Performed by Susan Flannery and Michael Lunts, the poetry of JB is presented alongside the songs and satire of Joyce Grenfell, Noel Coward, Ivor Novello, and Noel Gay. 

Oxford University The main Oxford University site.

Dragon School, Oxford - JB's school from 1917 to 1920.

Wantage What to do in Wantage, including a museum displaying Betjeman memorabilia.

Wantage.com - more about Wantage, locally produced

The Vale & Downland Museum, Wantage

The Betjeman Archives A brief description of the archives held at the University of Victoria, Canada.

National Piers Society Set up under JB, a society devoted to the preservation of Britain's seaside piers.

Metroland & Betjeman Several pages about Metroland and JB

CornishLight An excellent illustrated guide to Cornwall.

Channel 4 biographies A biography of JB.

The Shell Guides A very thorough survey of the Shell Guides, many written or edited by John Betjeman

A Centenary Tribute - with links to other poets & authors.

www.cowperandnewtonmuseum.org.uk - A museum based in the house of William Cowper, one of JB's favourite poets. 

More poetry & literature

The Poetry Society A web site provided by the UK-based Poetry Society.

Poetry World A colourful & varied poetry site

Irish Poetry Page Poetry from Ireland and links to a lot more.

Poetry, Poems, Poets Poetry and dozens of links

Patrick Martin's Poetry Site Hundreds of poetry links

Japanese Haiku Poetry Resources

The Alliance of Literary Societies Links to dozens of other literary sites.

Writers World - a resource for writers wishing to publish their own works.

Slightly Foxed - a quarterly review of books