JB's output was extensive, and below is a basic list of his major works. For those wanting more, Bill Peterson's book (see the Shop) provides as complete a list as there is likely to be.

Those currently available can be bought via this web site, often at generous discounts - see the shop for details.


Mount Zion (James Press, 1931) Facsimile reprint issued in 1975 (St.Martins Press U.S.)
Continual Dew (John Murray, 1937) Facsimile reprint isssued in 1977.
Sir John Piers (Mullingar, 1938) 150 copies, issued under the name of "Epsilon"
Old Lights For New Chancels (John Murray, 1940)
New Bats In Old Belfries (John Murray, 1945)
Slick, But Not Streamlined (Doubleday, US, 1947)
Selected Poems (John Murray, 1948)
Verses turned in aid of a public subscription toward the restoration of the church of St.Katherine, Chiselhampton, Oxon (Chiselhampton, 1952) Pamphlet
A Few Late Chrysanthemums (John Murray, 1954)
Poems In The Porch (SPCK 1954) Pamphlet
Collected Poems (John Murray, 1958)
John Betjeman: A Selection (Edward Hulton Pocket Poets, 1958) Paperback
Summoned By Bells (John Murray, 1960)
A Ring Of Bells (John Murray, 1962)
High And Low (John Murray, 1966)
Six Betjeman Songs (Duckworth, 1967) Pamphlet, with music by Mervyn Horder.
A Wembley Lad & The Crem (Poem of the Month Club, 1971) Signed Broadsheet.
A Nip In The Air (John Murray, 1974)
Betjeman in Miniature: Selected Poems (?, 1976)
The Best Of Betjeman (John Murray, 1978)
Church Poems (John Murray, 1981)
Ode On The Marriage Of Charles And Diana(Warren Editions, 1981) Broadsheet, 125 copies.
Uncollected Poems (John Murray, 1982)
Ah Middlesex (Warren Editions, 1984)Paperback 250 copies
Betjeman's Cornwall (John Murray, 1984)
Illustrated Poems (John Murray, 1995) With Illustrations by David Gentleman
Faith and Doubt of John Betjeman - An Anthology of Betjeman's religious verse, edited by Kevin Gardner (Continuum 2005)
Best Loved Poems of John Betjeman (John Murray 2006)


Ghastly Good Taste (Chapman & Hall, 1933) Revised version issued in 1970 (Anthony Blond).
Cornwall Illustrated (Architectural Press, Shell Guide, 1934) Reissued by Faber in 1939, and revised as "Cornwall" in 1964.
Devon (Architectural Press, Shell Guide, 1936) Reissued by Faber in 1939.
An Oxford University Chest (John Miles, 1938). Facsimile reprint issued in 1978 (SR Publishers)
A Handbook On Paint (Silicate Paint Co., 1939) Pamphlet, with Hugh Casson.
Antiquarian Prejudice (Hogarth Press, 1939) Pamphlet
Vintage London (Collins, 1942)
English Cities And Small Towns (Collins, 1943)
John Piper (Penguin, 1944) Paperback
Murray's Buckinghamshire Architectural Guide (John Murray, 1948) With John Piper.
Murray's Berkshire Architectural Guide (John Murray, 1949) With John Piper.
Shropshire (Faber, Shell Guide, 1951)
The English Scene (National Book League, 1951) Pamphlet
First And Last Loves (John Murray, 1952)
The English Town In The Last Hundred Years (C.U.P., 1956) Rede Lecture pamphlet.
Collins Guide to English Parish Churches (Collins, 1958) Revised edition, as two volume Pocket Guide, 1968.
Ground Plan To Skyline (Newman Neame, 1960) Under the name Richard M. Farran.
English Churches (Studio Vista, 1964) With Basil Clarke.
The City Of London Churches (Pitkin Pictorial, 1965) Paperback
Victorian and Edwardian London From Old Photographs (Batsford, 1969)
Ten Wren Churches (Editions Elector, 1970) 100 copies in folder.
Victorian And Edwardian Oxford From Old Photographs (Batsford, 1971) With David Vaisey.
Victorian And Edwardian Brighton From Old Photographs (Batsford, 1972) With J.S.Gray
London's Historic Railway Stations (John Murray, 1972)
A Pictorial History Of English Architecture (John Murray, 1972)
West Country Churches (Society of Saints Peter and Paul, 1973) Pamphlet
Victorian And Edwardian Cornwall From Old Photographs (Batsford, 1974) With A.L.Rowse
Archie And The Strict Baptists (John Murray, 1977)
Metroland (BBC Publications, 1977)
In Praise of Churches (John Murray 1996) with Paul Hogarth
Coming Home (John Murray 1998)
Trains and Buttered Toast - Selected Radio Talks, edited by Stephen Games (John Murray 2006)

Betjeman Contributes...

John Betjeman contributed to so many publications that a complete list will probably never appear. This list contains poems which were not published in his books.

The Heretick No.2 (Marlborough, 1924) Contains "Ye Olde Cottage"
Public School Verse, An Anthology, Vol V(Heinemann, 1925) Contains "The Song Of A Cold Wind"
Guyhirn Chapel Of Ease(Redundant Churches Fund, 1976) A short verse foreword.
The Wind And The Rain, Spring 1947 Contributes "To My Son"
The Barrier A novel by Robin Maugham, with five sonnets by JB.
A Catalogue of Works by John Betjeman from the collection of Ray Carter With the poem "Dawlish".
The Cornhill, January 1944 Contributes "Fragment of a poem for Emily Hemphill"
The Wind And The Rain, Easter Book 1962 Contributes "Summer Poem", written when he was thirteen.
Horizon, February 1945 Contributes "A Plain Course On The Bells".
Festival of Poetry, Souvenir Programme, 1963 Contributes "Tennyson"
The Cornhill, Winter 1960 Contributes "Village Wedding"
London Magazine, July/August 1970 Contributes "The P.R.O."
Punch, 27 October 1954 Contributes "Who Will Help St.Pauls?"
Punch, 14 October 1953 Contributes "A Frank Address to the Old School"

Biography & Letters

John Betjeman - A Study by Derek Stanford (Neville Spearman, 1961)
John Betjeman - His Life and Work by Patrick Taylor-Martin (Allen Lane, 1983)
John Betjeman - A Life in Pictures by Bevis Hillier (John Murray, 1984)
Young Betjeman by Bevis Hillier (John Murray, 1988)
John Betjeman - New Fame, New Love by Bevis Hillier (John Murray 2003)
John Betjeman - The Bonus of Laughter by Bevis Hillier (John Murray 2005)
John Betjeman - The Biography by Bevis Hillier (John Murray 2006). An abridged version of Hillier's three-volume biography.
Betjeman by A.N.Wilson (Hutchinson 2006)
John Betjeman - Letters Vol 1 1926-1951 Edited by Candida Lycett-Green (Murray, 1994)
John Betjeman - Letters Vol 2 1952-1984 Edited by Candida Lycett-Green (Murray, 1995)
John Betjeman on Trains, edited by Jonathan Glancey (Methuen 2006)


John Betjeman made a number of recordings which have appeared in various formats over the years. The four CDs on the Virgin label were originally released on vinyl in the 1970's, and all feature JB reading his poetry over music by Jim Parker.

Betjeman reads Betjeman (Argo 1037) Two cassettes, with twenty poems on one and extracts from Summoned by Bells on the other. Originally recorded in 1961.
Summoned by Bells (BBC Radio Collection ZBBC 1249) Two cassettes.
John Betjeman - Poetry from the BBC Archives (BBC Radio Collection ZBBC 1650) Two cassettes containing fifty two poems.
John Betjeman - Recollections from the BBC Archives (BBC Radio Collection ZBBC 2197) Two cassettes containing over two hours of interviews and broadcasts.
Betjeman's Banana Blush (Virgin Records CASCD 1086)
Late -Flowering Love (Virgin Records CASCD 1096)
Betjeman's Britain (Virgin Records CASCD 1130)
Varsity Rag (Virgin Records CASCD 1154)
Poetry in Motion (Eagle Records) The first collection of JB's words set to music by Mike Read, performed by artists including David Essex, Alvin Stardust and Captain Sensible.
Betjeman - Poets for Pleasure (Hodder & Staughton) Read by Nigel Hawthorne.
A First Class Collection
(BBC 2006)

Video & DVD

Very little of JB's television work is currently available, but a small number of his films have recently been released.

Metroland (DD Home Entertainment 2006) - DVD. The original BBC film, plus a number of short railway related films.
Summoned By Bells [DD Home Entertainment 2007] - DVD. JB's tour of the places he grew up, as he reads his verse autobiography.
A Passion for Churches [DD Home Entertainment 2007] - DVD. JB's film exploring life around the churches of Norwich and Norfolk.

The Lost Betjemans (WH Smith Exclusive Video VA30337)
Betjeman Revisited (WH Smith Exclusive Video VA30395)
Between 1962 and 1964, JB made a series of films about towns in the West Country for HTV. These have been released on two videos. On the second tape, some of the original soundtracks were lost, and have been re-recorded by Nigel Hawthorne.

Branchline Railway (BBC Enterprises BRA01)(1987) Michael Palin introduces unique footage from the BBC archive: "Branchline Railway," with Sir John Betjeman, and two historic newsreel sequences: "Britannia Under Her Own Steam" and "Atlantic Coast Express"